Some of our customers started using Office Accelerator way back in 1991.

Read what some of our oldest and newest have to say!

Leon Geisberg, Creative Property Services, Santa Rosa, CA
I am happy to call myself an Office Accelerator customer. The email marketing service is unbelievable. Wow! What a creative way to close more business.
Alex Dyer, Epport, Richman & Robbins, Los Angeles, CA
We are a happy customer. Great for tracking important client info. They really stand behind their product and services. No law firm should be without it.
Calvin Moye, Calmo Realty Services, Fort Smith, AR
Office Accelerator is great way to grow any Real Estate Business. I've been with them since the beginning. I got hold of people immediately and sold over $3500 in books my first week.
Ralph Bencangy, Law Offices of R. Bencangy, Culver City, CA
Your product and your people are the best for attracting new clients. Thanks!
Jerry Kekos, NIFA Inc., Centennial, CO
Office Accelerator email marketing really helped me grow my business.
H. Terrill Watts, Jr., Certified Public Accountant, Atlanta, GA
I use your product every day with great results. Keep up the good work.
Daniel Harrison, PoolAndSpa.com, Las Vegas, NV
We have recommended Office Accelerator to many companies to help them grow their sales.
Alycia Pryor, So. Florida Water Management District, West Palm Beach, FL
Wow! We've had the product a long time. Office Accelerator has been critical in our day to day operations.
Charles Rooney, MI Coalition for Human Rights, Ferndale, MI
I still treasure Office Accelerator as the most useful software ever.
Oris Dunham, Dunham Group LLC, Bellevue, WA
It’s been a great product from the beginning. It helped me grow my business over time.
Bob Hagen, Graham Corporation, Batavia, NY
Office Accelerator Rocks! OA is great way to build your sales.
Joe McKaughan, Joe McKaughan & Co., Griffin, GA
Baseline has been a pal for over 20 years. Together we have built my business.
Eileen Godbey, Northwestern Mutual, Poughkeepsie, NY
I've been using Office Accelerator for many years and am still thrilled with it! It has helped me achieve success.
Hugh Smith, Smith Real Estate Group, Salt Lake City, UT
Nothing else can compare to its share-ability and ease of use for growing my business.